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Sanders Mediation


A business-minded approach to dispute resolution.

Responsive. Pragmatic. Inquisitive. Prepared.


The true source of conflict often lies well beneath the surface. Not accepting a "conflict iceberg" at face value, Gary Sanders has a knack for diving deep enough to help people find meaningful resolutions to their problems. 


Businesses and other organizations thrive by attracting and retaining loyal customers, members, allies, and partners. But conflicts occasionally emerge. When communication breakdowns or disparate interests threaten productivity or profits, it may be time to call a mediator. And not just any mediator, but one with the practical business experience to uncover the underlying issues hiding beneath the surface, the insight to understand the real-world impacts of various resolution scenarios, and the demeanor to bring together divided participants in highly contentious conflicts. Enter Gary Sanders.  


Gary brings insights from his 30 years in the commercial sector to his mediation and arbitration practice. He has held senior-level positions in companies of all sizes – from Fortune 500s to startups across a wide array of industries. A common thread throughout those roles? He possesses a proven ability to identify solutions and a talent for helping people resolve disputes.

Mediator Gary Sanders

Areas of Experience

Gary is experienced bringing parties together in various contentious situations, from bad business break-ups to wrongful death claims. 

  • Insurance coverage (including personal injury, vehicle accidents, premises liability and medical malpractice)

  • Business contracts and dissolutions

  • Employment claims

  • Commercial real estate disputes

  • High-conflict personality clashes

  • Trusts and estates matters

  • Probate disputes

  • Appellate level work

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What makes Gary so effective? 

  • Thorough research and case preparation

  • Lots of questions – and really listening to the answers

  • Effective communication with a wide array of personality types

  • Persistence to stick with even the most complex disputes

  • A creative approach to generating agreement

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Mediator Gary Sanders

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